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Christmas roleplay

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Scene 1 (fuera del pueblo)

(Narrador entra)
Narrator Hear you all. Caesar Augustus declares that there will be a census. Everyone will be counted and must return to their native towns. Let this be known to everyone!
(El narrador sale y María (embarazada) y José entran.)
Joseph Mary, I know you are heavy with child, but we must go to Bethlehem for the census.
Mary Yes Joseph. I think I can travel and I know the Lord will be with us in this journey.
(José y María se levantan y comienzan su viaje. Caminan hasta el primer hostal y tocan la puerta. Un Inkeeper está detrás de la puerta.)
1st Innkeeper Yes, I’m coming. Hold on.
Joseph We have been traveling for a long time, do you have a room for us?
1st Innkeeper I am very sorry, but there is no more room here. Try next door.
(José y María caminan hacia el siguiente hostal y tocan la puerta.)
2nd Innkeeper I am so sorry, if you are looking for a place to stay we are completely booked here. Try next door.
(José y María camminan hacia el siguiente hostal. Cuando se disponen a tocar la puerta, el tercer innkeeper sale.)
3rd Innkeeper Unbelievable, this place is full of people.  (él mira a María con compasión) I don’t think you will find any room available in this town. But you should not be traveling any more in the evening. If you don’t mind, you could get some rest in my stable out back. It isn’t the most comfortable place, but at least there will be a roof over your head. And the animals are wonderful, they will not bother you.
Joseph My wife must have some rest. The stable will be fine.
3rd Innkeeper Well then, follow me
( Innkeeper lleva a José y María hasta el establo y luego se va.)

Scene 2 (Dentro del establo)

(José ayuda a María a sentarse en el piso. Luego se va a preparer una cama para ellos )
Joseph I know God is with us. It is much better to sleep here than outside.
Mary Joseph, I don’t feel very well. I am really tired and I am having this pain. I think it’s time for the baby to be born.
Joseph Please Mary, lie down here on this nice bed I prepared. It won’t be long now.

Scene 3 (Un campo)

(Narrator entra)
Narrator Meanwhile, some shepherds were tending their flocks at night when suddenly an angel appears right before them
(Ángeles entran. Mientras los ángeles hablan, María envuelve el bebé (Jesús) en ropa y lo pone en un canasto en el piso)
Angel 1 Behold, I bring good news of a great joy. For today, in the city of David there is born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Angel 2  And this will be the sign for you, you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
Angels 1 and 2 Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.
Shepherd 1 Let’s go to Bethlehem and see what the Lord has told us about.
Shepherd 2 Let’s tell our friends and we all go. Praise God for this Good News. Come on it’s a long journey.
Narrator And so the shepherds, after hearing the angels, went to visit the Baby. Some time later, three Magi saw a bright star in the sky
(Narrator sale y el primer rey entra. Se muestra la estrella)
1st Magi (Apuntando a la estrella) Look, a star. Look how bright it is!
2nd Magi (Mirando la estrella) It is the sign. The wonderful sign. The King of the Jews is born!
3rd Magi Let us go and worship Him. Gifts, we need gifts!
1st Magi I know what I can give Him. I will give Him gold, for He is Royalty.
2nd Magi My gift will be special. It will be myrrh.
3rd Magi Frankincense will be my gift. Let us put them in special boxes, because He is King.(Los tres reyes magos ponen sus regalos (incienso, mirra y oro) dentro de las cajas. Entra el narrador. Los reyes caminan hacia el establo mientras miran la estrella. María alza al niño y lo arrulla entre sus brazos)

Scene 4 (Dentro del establo)

(Narrator entra)
Narrator And so the Magi found their King, by following the star. When they arrived they bowed down, worshiped the King, and offered their gifts to him.
(Los magos ponen los regalos en frente de María, miran al bebé y le hacen reverencia. Los ángeles entran)
Angels 1 and 2 Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace among men!
*****Nota: lo que encuentran entre paréntesis son las indicaciones de los movimientos y entradas de los personajes al escenario.
**En la escena 3, hubo un cambio en el diálogo de los ángeles para que lo miren por favor.
Thanks to all!
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Dialogue present perfect

Activity 1

Read carefully the dialogue and answer the questions

Kate : Have you ever been to New York?

Sophie: New York? No I’ve never gone there. Have you?

Kate: Yes. In fact I’ve just come back from there.

I’m doing some consultancy work there and I’ve spent at least six weeks there in the last year.

Sophie: That sounds fabulous. Have you gone up to the top of the Empire State Building?

Kate: No, I haven’t yet. I haven’t driven the ferry to Ellis Island either. I’ve just had to work so hard. Though I have taken dinner

at Sardi’s and seen a Broadway show.

1. Has Sophie been to New York?

2. Has kate driven the ferry?

3. Has Kate taken dinner at sardi’s?

4. Has Sophie seen a broadway show?

5. Has Sophie asked about the empire state building?