if i were a boy…(song)

Activity 1

Listen to the verses. Write this in your notebook and cross out the correct words.

1.   If I were / was  a boy

2. I think I could take the stand / understand

3. How it feels to love a girl / hurl

4. I stare / swear  I’d be a better man 5.  I’d listen to er / her

6. Pause… / ‘Cause  I know how it hurts

7. When you  choose / lose  the one you wanted

8. ‘Cause he’s  breaking / taking  you for granted

9. And  everything / anything  you had got destroyed.

Activity 2

Write this i your notebook. Then listen and complete with:

Myself – Broken – Turn off – Waiting – Think – Alone – Faithful – Make

1. If I were a boy (music on demand)

2. I would ___________ my phone 3. Tell everyone it’s ______________

4. So they’d ___________ that I was sleeping ____________ 5. I’d put ____________ first 6. And ___________ the rules as I go 7. ‘Cause I know that she’d be _____________ 8. ____________for me to come home, to come home.



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