How do we make plurals…

Activity 1

Mira atentamente el siguiente video:

Activity 2

Elige la palabra correcta y completa. Escribe las oraciones completas en tu cuaderno:

1. There are four ______________ in the river

                a- fishes              b- fishs                   c- fish

2. I have some ________________ in the garage

                a- car                   b- cares                c- cars

3. There are some _______________ in the library

                 a- bookes           b- book                 c- books

4. There are three  ______________ in the city

                 a- churchs        b- church             c- churches

5. Laura has two _________________ in a cage

                 a- mouses          b- mice                c-mices

Activity 3

Escribe las siguientes palabras en la columna correcta. Resuelvelo en el cuaderno:

(dog – baby – church – dish – boy – city – box – witch – lady – guitar – monkey – butterfly)

  ES            S             IES

__GLASS_____                  _____CAT______                 ____PONY_________

____________                  _______________               _________________

____________                 _______________                _________________

____________                 _______________                _________________

____________                 _______________                 _________________


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