Expressing likes and dislikes

Activity 1:

Complete the sentences according to  the images using:

like/s, do not , does not like, watching t.v., dancing, listening to music, playing football, cooking, reading.

He likes watching t.v

Charlie ____ ___ ____ listening to music

Peter ____ dancing   / Claire does not like _______

I do not __________ football

My grandma and I like ________

Fausto _____ ____ ____ cooking

Laura likes ________

Sophie ________ ____________ __ music

Activity 2

On your notebook, wrtite sentences according to what you like or dislike, using the following activities, ( puedes buscar en el diccionario si quieres agregar una diferente)

cooking              dancing              singing                 drawing             running


swimming            playing x-box                  reading                   writing


cleaning the house                  eating


I like playing football with my partners

I do not like drawing

Activity 3:

Answer the following questions on your notebook.


– Do you like studying?

yes, I like studying

– Do you like pets?

– No, I don’t like pets

What type of pets do you like?

Do you like movies?

which is the movie that you like most?

What kind of movies do you don´t like?

Do you like reading?

Which is the most beautiful book that you have read?

Do you prefer spaguetti or pizza?

What kind of music do you like?

do you like to cook?

What things do you hate to do?

Which is your favorite book?



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