Dialogue present perfect

Dialogue present perfect

Activity 1

Read carefully the dialogue and answer the questions

Kate : Have you ever been to New York?

Sophie: New York? No I’ve never gone there. Have you?

Kate: Yes. In fact I’ve just come back from there.

I’m doing some consultancy work there and I’ve spent at least six weeks there in the last year.

Sophie: That sounds fabulous. Have you gone up to the top of the Empire State Building?

Kate: No, I haven’t yet. I haven’t driven the ferry to Ellis Island either. I’ve just had to work so hard. Though I have taken dinner

at Sardi’s and seen a Broadway show.

1. Has Sophie been to New York?

2. Has kate driven the ferry?

3. Has Kate taken dinner at sardi’s?

4. Has Sophie seen a broadway show?

5. Has Sophie asked about the empire state building?



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