Was-Were written exercises

Was-Were written exercises

1.Complete the conversation with was, were, wasn’t or weren’t.


Detective: Where were you last night Malone?

Malone: I  ________ at the movies.

Detective:  _____ you alone?

Malone: No, I ______. My wife _____ with me. What’s this all about?

Detective: There _____ a robbery last night at the first state bank. ____ you in the bank in the afternoon Malone?.

Malone: Yes, i ____. There _____a lot of people there. So what?

Detective: And last night your car ____ in the car park near the bank.

Malone: I know. We _____ at the movies. The cinema is near the bank.

Detective: No, you aren’t  Malone. You’re under arrest. You see, my bag ____ under the table and there ____ a microphone in it.

Malone:Ohh no!!!

Mrs Malone: But, we _____ at the movies last night. I ____ at home alone. Where _____ you?  _____ you at the bank?

Malone: Yes, i _____. And now we’re rich.

2. Imagine that you’re a thief   and you stole a museum. Write a conversation ( using the past simple) explaining that you didn’t steal the museum because you were in another place doing other things.


Example:  Sir detective, i did not stole the museum, because at that time i was playing cards with some friends in the Royal casino…



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