Regular verbs past

Regular verbs past

1. Complete the following sentences by using past regular verbs. Example: German (call) called “el pollo” yesterday.

1.    German (work) ______  in Tunja last week.
2.   German (walk) ______to school  this morning.
3.   German (live) _____in Armenia last summer.
4.   German (wait)______  on the staircase for the past five hours.
5.   German(need)______ a book yesterday.
6.   German(watch) _____your game last night.
7.   German (expect) ______ to shop last weekend.
8.   German (prefer) _______the yellow bubble gum at recess.
9.   German(use)_______ an eraser ten minutes ago.
10. German (talk) _________ to my mother over the weekend.

2. Watch the video and tell what people did yesterday (at least say  what three people did).



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