Let’s write a story…

Let’s write a story…

Activity 1.

Escoge 10 de los siguientes verbos e inventa un cuento corto utilizando el presente perfecto:

Once upon a time……

Activity 2.

Lee el siguiente texto que se encuentra escrito en presente y en pasado. Transfórmalo a presente perfecto y escríbelo en tu cuaderno.

Viral video saved the radio star

A homeless man who lives on the streets of Cleveland, USA, has shot to fame, after a clip of his marvelous radio voice went viral on the internet.

Ted Williams, was filmed by a local cameraman holding a cardboard sign that read: “I’m an ex-radio announcer who fell on hard times”. Now that the video has millions of hits on YouTube, Williams, becomes an overnight sensation.

He spent the day appearing on talk shows across America, sporting a new haircut and a smarter appearance than on the clip that made him famous.

Since this story is widely known, he received numerous job offers from big broadcasting names including ESPN, MTV, ABC, CBS and CNN and The Cleveland Cavaliers.

The story of the “homeless man with the golden pipes”  lifted the spirits of a recession-hit nation. However, the instant hero attracted so much attention that reporters started digging into his background and they discovered that Williams struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years.

Accusations also said that Williams acted as a pimp during his years on the streets. In response, Williams said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover – everyone has their own little story. I’m just so thankful. God blessed me deeply. I’m getting a second chance. Amazing!”



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