the plural

the plural

El plural se usa para expresar que existe más de un objeto o persona.


·Para formar el plural  de algunas palabras, agregamos la letra ‘s’ al final:

One flower  => Six flowers

A friend => Two friends

·Cuando la palabra termina en ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘ss’, ‘o’, ‘x’, le agregamos ‘es al final:

A dish => five dishes

A match => three matches

A class => two classes


·Cuando una palabra termina en ‘y’, después de una consonante, reemplazamos la ‘y’ por ‘ies’:

A city => Two cities

A lady => Three ladies

·Cuando una palabra termina en ‘y’, teniendo una vocal adelante, sólo le agregamos una ‘s’ al final:

A day => Seven days

A boy => Five boys


·Algunas palabras cambian su forma en inglés cuando las decimos en plural. Por ejemplo:

A leaf => Ten leaves

A wife => Six wives

A man => Three men

A woman => Two women

A child => Seven children

A person => Two people

A foot => Four feet

A mouse => Seven mice

A tooth => Ten teeth

·También hay palabras que no cambian:

A sheep => Five sheep

A fish => Sixteen fish

Activity 1

Mira el siguiente video y escribe en tu cuaderno todos los ejemplos que veas:

Activity 2

Escribe y desarrolla las siguientes oraciones en tu cuaderno completando con la forma correcta del plural de las palabras entre paréntesis.

1. The _____________(patient) must be moved.
2. Where can I book __________(seat) for tonight?
3. He puts his toys into two ___________(box).
4. She has bought three _________(watch) of the same colour.
5. He hasn’t paid his ____________(tax).
6. There are many beautiful ___________(plant) in the woods.
7. He can’t find the __________(address) he needs for his job.
8. I’d like two single ____________(room) please.
9. Leave your ____________(key) at the reception desk.
10. He has just eaten two big _______________(sandwich) full of cheese.
11. I saw three ____________(child) playing in the park.
12. Look! there are two __________(mouse) under the bed.


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