Present Continuous Review


Remember: the present continuous means that we are in the

middle of an action

  Activity 1
  1. Go to the following link, listen to  the description, look at the images and sentences and write them down on your notebook.

Activity 2.

Answer if the person is or is not doing the actions mentioned using the present continuous. (copie en el cuaderno lo siguiente en forma de columna: 1-activities | 2- Answers using Present Continuous   |  3- Question using Present Continuous )

He can skate
He can’t skate
He can sing
He can’t ride a bike
Is he riding a bike?
She can play the guitar
 He can’t dance
He can’t swim
He can’t whistle
She can speak French?
She can jump
 – Answers using Present Continuous
Is he skating?
Is he skating?
Is he singing?
Is he riding a bike?
Is he riding a bike?
Is she playing the guitar?
Is he dancing?
Is he swimming?
Is he whistling?
Is she speaking French?
Is she jumping
– Question using Present Continuous
Yes, he is skating
No, he isn’t riding a bike
Yes, she is speaking French
Activitiy 3.

Look at the pictures and write, on your notebook, what the people (he/she/they) is or are doing.

Use these verbs: paint, take, dance, eat, cook, play  listen to,

Use these objects: a shower, the guitar, a piece of cake, music, a wall, tango, dinner








  1-   He is listening to music

2-  __________________________________________

3- __________________________________________

4- __________________________________________

5- __________________________________________

6- __________________________________________

7- __________________________________________



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